Following Nature’s Cycles

It is mid-November and Nature has set her patterns for the coming year.  Every Fall Equinox the patterns are set and we move in to a time of rest and reflection. Already, winter’s season approaches my door like an old friend coming for a long-overdue visit.  This year, I have missed Her. My life has been too chaotic to enjoy the Equinox this year.  I haven’t created the house-altar… my life feels out of sync in too many ways and it is time to gather up my energy and re-align with Nature.  To host this meeting of old friends.

Over the years, winter has come to mean many things for me; a time for making quilts, paintings and art projects, wandering along Nature’s paths, putting up food from the garden and watching my animals grow their winter coats and feel frisky in the early mornings. But, the deepest meaning moving in to the Winter season brings me is the chance to take a break from the consuming focus on work and daily responsibilities to be able to spend time and consider my life and relationships.

We can experience alignment with Nature energy by simply seeing the fall season as a time to drop our own leaves to nourish the Earth beneath us.  To let go of what we need to be free of and to plant the seeds of a pattern for next  year’s life-garden.


Dana Point, California